The Guitar Wall: Over 500 Spaceholders and Still Growing!

Over 2 million vistors and countingthere is nothing else like it. One of the great wonders of the guitar world!

A Great Advertising Value: One-Time Cost for Permanent Ad Space

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What Spaceholders Say

“The walls look great! We’re really excited to be a part of this innovative marketing tool. Thanks to Jeff and his team for all of their help. Good stuff!”
Jason Lollar, Lollar Pickups
“I check my site stats daily and I am getting hits that originate from The Guitar Wall every day”
W. Jeffrey Jones, William Jeffrey Jones Guitars
“You have an amazing system going here with very reasonable rates and the ability to edit content at any time. You have been right on top of things, always offering to help… I certainly commend you on what you have accomplished and are continuing to do. The Walls are beautifully designed, easy to use and very addictive!”
Bill Conklin, Conklin Guitars
“I wish to commend you for offering The Guitar Wall to the boutique guitar builder community. With print advertising becoming so expensive it’s nice to find an alternative that reaches the entire world.”
Mark Lacey, Lacey Guitars
“With the Guitar Wall, Jeff Brown has created an innovative, attractive and easy to use forum for buyers and builders to see and be seen (and heard!). The Wall has great potential, and I’m very pleased to be a part of it!”
Peter Hopkins, Hopkins Guitars
“Finally someone (Jeffrey Brown) has created an interesting web-based guitar fantasy heaven where we luthiers can display relatively inexpensively on a do it yourself basis, post pics and forums, and basically show and shine from your own collection of one’s creations!”
Steve Helgeson, Moonstone Guitars
“With the Guitar Wall, Jeff Brown is building a unique presence on the web. A diverse community of guitar makers and suppliers where artists and the public can visit to experience an incredible range of products and personal vision”
Scott MacDonald, S.B. MacDonald Custom Instruments
“The guitar wall is a unique forum where luthiers and dealers are forming a community to showcase their work and attract new customers. Being visually based, it allows the curious to quickly respond to impressions and easily explore direct links to the companies websites.”
Stephen Marchione, Marchione Guitars


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