A Simple Idea in 2007

The Guitar Wall was always a very simple concept. Stare at the wall, see something you’re interested in, click the wall space and go to the website. Nothing more to read into it (except that in 2007, the technology that ran the Wall was extremely complicated and extraordinarily bloated… but that was then).

While you can read about the History of The Guitar Wall, we think it’ more appropriate to talk about the future. The wall of the past was a novel approach, but The Guitar Wall of today is a horse of a different animal. The simple idea is much the same, but the execution is completely different.

The Visual Discovery Vehicle

The Guitar Wall is still simple and elegant yet powerful and now sustainable. Utilizing consistent high-end visual standards and interest-grabbing wall space design strategies, our goal is to engage visitors and offer them a straight-forward path to more information about the things they find interesting. In other words, create a win-win experience for both visitors and wall spaceholders.

Length and Depth

The Guitar Wall is now part of GuitarPR, our PR News and Marketing Service. Our promotional channel is deep and our brand is well-known to many. Our commitment to effective messaging and creative presentation is always centered around the idea that we must capture the attention, convey the message and compel the action we desire to achieve. Check off those boxes and your odds of success are greatly enhanced. That same strategic path is our guidepost for building The Guitar Wall of the future.

What’s the Benefit?

Again, it’s not complicated. If you’re a visitor to the wall, our goal is simply to provide you with a unique, visually stimulating experience (of the guitar variety) and hopefully you’ll discover something of interest and value with a direct connection to satisfy your curiosity.

If you’re a wall spaceholder, it’s just as simple. We help you create a wall space designed to take advantage of the 3 C’s and generate incremental engagement with potential customers if that’s your goal. If you have other objectives, we’re happy to discuss them.

Looking for More Information?

FAQ – Check our Frequently Answered Questions section for a variety of useful nuggets.

HISTORY – We’re adding a lot of historical significance as well as genuine artifacts from the glorious past of The Guitar Wall. You may be interested.

CONTACT – Looking for some personal interaction? Call or email us for a thoughtful response to your questions or comments.

ADD A WALL SPACE – This is the place to take definitive action. Go for it.

PREMIUM OPTIONS – Make it special.

Historical Testimonials

We pulled a few testimonials from over the years to provide a taste of the interest displayed by many wall spaceholders. They rotate every 8 seconds.

“With the Guitar Wall, you have created an innovative, attractive and easy to use forum for buyers and builders to see and be seen (and heard!). The Wall has great potential, and I’m very pleased to be a part of it!”

Peter Hopkins, Peter Hopkins Guitars

“You have an amazing system going here. You have been right on top of things, always offering to help… I certainly commend you on what you have accomplished and are continuing to do. The Walls are beautifully designed, easy to use and very addictive!”

Bill Conklin, Conklin Guitars

“The guitar wall is a unique forum where luthiers and dealers are forming a community to showcase their work and attract new customers. Being visually based, it allows the curious to quickly respond to impressions and easily explore direct links to the company’s websites.”

Stephen Marchione, Marchione Guitars

“Finally someone has created an interesting web-based guitar fantasy heaven where we luthiers can display relatively inexpensively and basically show and shine from their own collection of one’s creations!”

Steve Helgeson, Moonstone Guitars

“The walls look great! We’re really excited to be a part of this innovative marketing tool. Thanks to Jeff and his team for all of their help. Good stuff!”

Jason Lollar, Lollar Pickups

“I wish to commend you for offering The Guitar Wall to the boutique guitar builder community. With print advertising becoming so expensive it’s nice to find an alternative that reaches the entire world.”

Mark Lacey, Lacey Guitars

The Guitar Wall is building a unique presence on the web. A diverse community of guitar makers and suppliers where artists and the public can visit to experience an incredible range of products and personal vision”

Scott MacDonald, S.B. MacDonald Custom Instruments