The Front Wall was the very first wall we built in June, 2007. It was based in large part on the idea of the Million Dollar Homepage developed in 2005 in the UK by Alex Tew. Our approach was a bit more sophisticated but the concept was quite similar. We sold the wall space in blocks that were 20 pixels square which totaled 400 pixels each. The entire wall held a total of two million pixels. Doing the math… yes, there were 5,000 blocks for sale. We sold them for $5.95 per block.

While in time, we sold out the wall, the image you see below (the last known screenshot) contains some blank blue spaces with ID letters and numbers. Later in the life of the Wall, we discovered that some of the spaces led to dead links or companies that were no longer in business. Our policy at that time was that those spaces that were determined to be “abandoned” would be reclaimed and put back up for sale. For an interesting look at that process, check out the screenshot from the Abandoned Wall Spaces page.

The Front Wall