Upgrades and Add-Ons

We offer a limited number of premium benefits to help support the growth of The Guitar Wall. If you believe in what we’re doing and wish to take advantage of these premium options… and support these efforts, we would be deeply appreciative (and supportive of your efforts as well).

Here’s what’s available now:

Additional Permanent Standard Wall Space: $29 (one-time setup fee only)
Includes our signature wall space composition and installation from your photos in addition to/beyond your free space.

Additional Permanent Expanded Wall Space: $69 (one time setup fee only)
Includes landing page with full size gallery of up to 5 composed images, full image composition (artwork) for each, relevant text (up to 500 words), outbound links and social media sharing buttons

Special Opps Category Inclusion: $10/month, $24/3 months, $69/year
Participation in this category requires a legitimate “special opportunity” of some kind made directly available to anyone who clicks on your designated wall space in the Special Opps category. Landing page can be on your website or on an Expanded Wall Space landing page.

Wall Bump: ($10/bump)
We move your space from its current position on the Wall to the top. This is a one-time bump and does not prevent other wall spaces from coming onto the wall above yours. Wall spaces appear in order of the date of their installation. This may not be warranted when clicking on some categories that are not heavily populated yet. But it may be beneficial on the full wall depending on your position.

To enable any of these options, simply fill out the order form below: