Project Description

Known for years among a close circle of discerning and talented players, Capozzoli Guitar Company has been one of those lesser known but highly respected builders of stringed instruments that’s been creating extraordinary guitars, basses and more under the proverbial radar for some time. But that’s about to change.

One of Chris Capozzoli’s strong selling points has been his creative use of reclaimed materials, largely among them has been a wide array of hardwood barn siding. Much of this wood has been collected from old, existing barns in the region where, in many cases, he has had exclusive access.

You’ll see Capozzoli’s use of these incredible woods in the regular line that includes the beautiful “DC” semi-hollow double cutaway model, or the Kuiper semi-hollow single cut, as well as the Royale basses. At the same time, he has created other very unique, masterfully executed stringed instruments such as his Electric Banjo, Electric Upright Bass and Barnwood Electric Classical guitar. His Acoustic 00 and Baritone Ukulele are a testament to his versatility.

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