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Project Description

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For over a decade, Larose Guitars have been finding their way into the hands of fastidious guitarists. Through word of mouth, social networking and the occasional instrument that found its way onto a music store wall, the work of Todd D’Agostino has cultivated a growing contingent of enthusiasts.

Larose Guitars recently introduced a specialty line of guitars called the Moderna Series (shown above in the gallery). These unique instruments build upon the high-end benchmark already set by Larose. The Moderna guitars feature full chamfer-carved bodies in beautiful tonewoods with matching inlaid Lollar mini-humbucker pickups. With new, redesigned Eurostyle, elongated F-holes and elegant split-block hollow fingerboard inlays, these guitars are stunning to look at. Topping it off you’ll find top of the line Mastery M1 bridges and tremolo units.

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